I am eternally grateful for you and fot the fact, that you want me to capture your essence.


1. Take your time filling out the questionnaire

I could not be more stoked that you are here! If you’re considering me to capture you, I don’t take that lightly. If you haven’t already, be sure to read the MY APPROACH page where I talk a little about my approach to photography. If you feel we would be a good fit, fill out the contact form so we can go make some magic!


2. Wait till the magic knocks on your e-mail door

Depending on how busy I am I might take up to two  weeks to review your inquigry. I also work very intuitively and only respond when I am in the right energy. Once I am you will get an e-mail with all detailed information about pretty much everythign there is to know.


3. Respond in your own time

No rush! I really want you to feel into the information I shared with you. Does it align? Do you need more info before making your decision? Once you are clear, send me a full body yes via e-mail or WhatsApp or call and I will ssend over you contract and your invoice.